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Heijbos obtained a wide network in the Sultanate of Oman: both with the Government, Vocational education and training institutes, the Colleges and Universities and the Industry. The services regards:

  • Support in setting up a branch in the Sultanate of Oman, drafting a feasibility study and a plan to visit Oman, prepare the meetings with relevant clients, possible sponsors / partners and relevant governmental institutions. Also organising the trip by selecting tickets, hotel facilities, transport and all the necessary activities to make the visit a success.

  • Support in setting up a joint venture with the partner.

  • Recruitment of staff by drafting selection procedures, tests, interviews and training programmes, all according to the rules and regulations of Oman. Evaluate the programme and consultancy in reaching the required level of Omanisation on that specific field.

  • Improve Omanisation in the Sultanate of Oman in the Construction sector. The kea word is ”Introduce PRECAST" as a new way of building in Oman. Nowadays many expats are working in the construction sector and more Omani youngsters will be able to find a job in this sector. The labour circumstances are still based on hands-on activities on site and less on the construction and production of all elements in a controlled area like a precast factory. Less construction time, less maintenance, higher quality and reducing the construction period with approx. 50%. More jobs like architects, designers, precast calculators, logistic planners, operators, electrical- and mechanical staff will be available. More specific education & training is needed.
    Heijbos has a wide network in Oman to support this challenge.


Heijbos can provide these services and products.