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Wide-ranging experience in the development, launching, marketing and organization of (new) businesses, especially in education and training for industry and technical firms in the Netherlands, Belgium and the Middle East (Sultanate of Oman). Hands-on-manager: independent and self-reliant. Flexible and responsive attitude while working in changing organizations. People-oriented and pragmatic approach.

Work experience

2014 – today  

Independent consultant in the Netherlands, Belgium and the Sultanate of Oman: See Heijbos Projects See Heijbos projects

July 2010 – July 2014  

Manager MBO and HBO studies at Dirksen Tuition in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Dirksen Tuition is an institute in the Netherlands for distance learning via blended learning programmes in the field of ICT, Telecommunications and Industrial Automation.

Responsible for the accreditation of the higher educational programmes via the NVAO and prepare the company for the audits of the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Education. Improve the support to the students for the Vocational training programmes and Bachelor studies. Control the finance for the collecting the tuition fees. Keep close contacts with and involve the employers of the students to participate in the study of their employees.

Organizing regular meetings with the Examination Board, the Committees for Occupational reflections, Committees for the improvement of the study programmes.

2005 – 2009  

Dean / General Manager of the International Maritime College Oman in Muscat
Setting up from scratch an Institute for higher education in Maritime Studies, Port and Shipping and Operation Technology studies (Diploma and Bachelor degree) in Muscat-Oman-the Middle-East by order of the Shipping & Transport College Rotterdam and the Government of Oman, called the International Maritime College Oman. (see www.imcoman.net)

Reporting to the Board of Directors and to the Shareholders about the progress of the College, the approval of Budget and the Annual Report.

2000 – 2004  

Director marketing, sales and product development of Elsevier Tuition B.V.: the integrated new company of SBC and Royal PBNA

1997 – 2000  

General Manager of Blom Opleidingen b.v.
The acquisition of Blom Opleidingen took place in October 1997. Responsible for the development, sales and implementation of fork-lift truck courses and other safety courses for the Dutch transport and logistics sector.
Blom is located at Zwijndrecht, Etten-Leur, Weert, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

1993 – 2000  

Director SBC/ Elsevier Tuition B.V.
Responsible for the development, sales and implementation of courses, as well as the development of industrial documentation systems (on paper, CD-ROM, Intranet) for industry and technical firms in the Netherlands. The latter involved preparation of long-term plans and annual budgets, promotion, PR, marketing and sales.

SBC is located at Zwijndrecht, near Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

1993 – 2000  

Director BNT/ Elsevier Training N.V.
Reorganization and revitalization of BNT’s activities in Belgium by marketing and sales of technical and safety courses for the industry, especially in Flanders.
BNT is located at Antwerp, Belgium.


In the Netherlands:

Professional organizations, including sector organizations like FME, UNETO, FHI;
Employers’ organizations including the Deltalinqs (formerly EBB) organization in the main port of Rotterdam, NAP/DACE and USPI-nl (platforms of industrial employers of process industry and contractors);
Large industrial companies such as GASUNIE, SHELL, NAM, EXXON, Eastman Chemical, ICI/Huntsman, AKZO NOBEL, Lyondell, Ministry of Traffic and Water management (Rijkswaterstaat).

In the Middle East:

- In the Sultanate of Oman:
OPAL (Association of Petrochemical Industries in Oman); Sohar Industrial Port Company;Port of Salalah;Qalhat LNG:Occidental Oman;PDO;Shell Oman;MAERSK:the Ministries of Manpower;
Higher Education;Transport & Communications;National Economy

- Qatar:
Qatar Petroleum;Qatar Gas Transport Company,

- Emirates:
GEM;UASC;Port of Abu Dhabi;ADNOC;Inshape Shipping;Dubai Maritime City

- Egypt:
Arab Academy for Science;Technology and Maritime Transport in Alexandria;Arab Union for Marine Ports Federation

Previous work experience

1991 – 1993  

Deputy director of PBNA.
The same responsibility as Head of TE with the title of deputy director.
PBNA is located in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

1987 - 1991  

Head of Technical Education: responsible for setting up an external sales force of technical college graduates to act as consultants for technical training projects, the development of technical courses, preparing long-term plans, annual budgets, promotions, PR and marketing.

1975 – 1993  

Koninklijke (Royal) PBNA b.v.
A leading institute in the Netherlands for distance learning and correspondence courses.
During a period of 12 years responsible for the development and organization of examinations for the technical courses, including setting up examining boards.

Relevant education

1993 – 1994  

Reed Elsevier Management Course

1983 – 1986


Business Administration studies

1977 – 1983


Teaching certificate in Economics

1972 – 1976


VWO [pre-university education]

Additional courses:


Meeting techniques, Transactional analysis, Sales management, Several IT courses, Strategic entrepreneurship, Knowledge management, Finance for non-specialists, Competency management.